Today Zangla is a small village along a river in the Zanskar tehsil (administrative division) of Kargil district, in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (Himalaya, India). It is located 35 km from Padum. Geography: Zangla is located at 33.67°N 76.98°E, and has an average elevation of 3,931 metres. Zangla is the central point on the Padum-Stongdey-Zangla-Karsha-Padum route, covering most of the cultural sites of Zanskar. It has a population of approximately 400 people - about 100 children.

Near located a ruined old castle, old village with Royal Palace (Kharkongma) and a nunnery. The Hungarian scholar Sándor Kőrösi Csoma living at the old Royal Palace of Zangla in 1823. The course of the Buddhist Game is the modified exploratory archaeological map of old village.


"The heart of Himalaya." One of the least explored area. Majestically rugged, the greatest attraction of this mountain- hemmed Ladakhi-Buddhist valley. Housing a large population of Tibetan Buddhists, the daily life of Zanskar revolves around monks and Buddhist monasteries.


"Small Tibet." Between the Himalayas and Karakorum in huge ranges, nestling at the western end of the Tibetan Plateau area of ​​India's northernmost province. Last refuge of the still living traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Verdant oasis, hidden in the small villages of whitewashed houses, terraced gardens and beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the rugged, steep, 5-7 thousand meters high mountain ranges. In the wild, raw beauty of the landscape is extremely wealth of cultural, architectural and religious monuments.