I was volunteer in the Himalaya in 2010 and 2011; I took part in a cultural heritage preservation, architectural reconstruction, education and sustainable development project.

In the summer of 2011 I was the education project leader and we created some simple games and board games with these Tibetan kids in the public elementary school - Zangla (Himalaya, India). At the end of this course we found an archeological map of old village with the Royal Palace and started to draw a black and white map based game.

When I came back to home, I had a good plan about a game for these children. I wanted to use traditional Tibetan methods and different game ideas together - memory, concentration, self-knowledge, treasure hunt, strategy - to create in a perfect and easy to learn Tibetan board game. Many people supported the game development - friends, family, students of the Dalai Lama, practicing Buddhists, teachers and children. After one-year development, tests and graphic design - in 2012 was ready the first version of the Buddhist Game.

In September 2012, the Indian children first time played with the Buddhist Game in Delhi.

In December 2012, Lama Ole Nydahl has given his blessing to the Buddhist Game!

In last years - everyone's delight - many times, many different countries and places we played with the Buddhist Game. Finally in 2015 the Buddhist Game got a new design kit - GreenPrints in lightweight, waterproof, portable case.

Buy a Buddhist Game and support that the games can go back to the Tibetan children!