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TREASURES OF BUDDHISM – is a rule-based cultural treasure hunt, a meaningful, fun, and informative board game that develops memory and concentration in a playful way. “Treasure” in the game has an intellectual and spiritual meaning. During the course of the game the treasures to be discovered are the Tibetan Buddhist Symbols, which are placed on the real exploratory archaeological map of Zangla - an old Tibetan village in the inner Himalayas.

The goal of the game is to find as many treasures as possible on the track, memorise the location of the treasures, and then - in the Royal Palace - share the location and meaning of the treasure with other players. The player who collects the most treasures wins the game.

Besides enjoyment, the intention of the game is to turn attention from collecting material goods and competing for possession of them, to intellectual freedom, spiritual values, and a meaningful life. Its aim is to assist the mediation between different cultures, to educate tolerance and - last but not least - to build community.

For 1 (can play alone) to 7 players aged above 6 years. Duration of the game cca. 40 minutes.

Enjoy! Buddha bless you!